A Samburu Update

Peace and grace.  In Samburu land, we have just held a women’s conference with 380 participants.  The speaker was Claudia Moore from Kentucky, a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary.  The Samburu Well Project is doing well.  We have seven wells – five with diesel generators and two with solar power pumps.  The pastoral Samburu people are rejoicing with gratitude to our mission partners, because  they have clean, safe drinking water.

Please pray for reliable transport for the water well ministry.  I am finding it very difficult to travel to different regions to plant churches and drill wells without reliable transport.  Some areas are very insecure to travel by public transport. Pray for a 4-wheel-drive Toyota Land Cruiser that is reliable and useful for the wells project.

The camel project is also doing well. We have assisted 5 families with milking camels. These families are grateful and say thank you to the mission partners.


~ Michael Lolwerikoi

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