God’s Guidance System

I recently purchased a new car.  It came equipped with a built-in GPS.  Although the technology has been around for some time, I am still amazed at how the GPS works.  The car has a tracking device in it that allows satellites to keep a precise location of the vehicle as it travels.

As I was contemplating the amazing ability of the GPS to keep track of my location, Psalm 139 came to mind.  I thought of verse 14 which informs us that man is “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  God nestled within man’s being a tracking device that is called the soul.  God’s ever-watchful eye knows our location.  Verse 3 tells me  that the heavenly father “compasses my path and my lying down, and is acquainted with all my ways.”  Peterson in the Message says it beautifully; “I’m never out of your (God’s) sight.”

How amazing to think that God knows where we are. His knowledge goes far beyond His ability to locate us geographically.  He knows where we are spiritually.  The GPS in my car let’s me know if I make a wrong turn and will re-direct me when I lose my way.  So it is with God’s guidance system.  Our conscience alerts us to wrong turns and the Holy Spirit will re-direct us to the best route back to Him.

God knows where we are!  A little advice from the ‘wisest man’ who ever lived:  “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths” (Pro. 3:6).

~ Brother Roy


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