Places Everyone!

There is incredible account of Gideon in Judges chapter 7.  In the account, the scripture tells us that Israel was suffering greatly under the brutal occupation and oppression of the Midianites. Disobedience was the cause. The children of Israel cried out unto the Lord, and the Lord responded by raising up a reluctant judge named Gideon.  Limited space prohibits an extensive review of this marvelous report, so I will share only a few details.  Israel was hungry, disorganized, and without military presence.  It had to face a force so large that “ they and their camels were without number”.  Gideon had to feel overwhelmed and fearful, but he was able to muster 32,000 men to go against over 135,000 Midianite men.  The Lord’s response was to tell Gideon his army was too large.  A series of events, orchestrated by the Lord, pared the number down to a mere 300 men.

The events certainly challenged Gideon’s faith. If successful, there could be no doubt in anyone’s mind that a victory would have to be God’s doing.  As an essential part of the Lord’s plan, every man of Gideon’s was to “stand in his place round about the (enemy) camp.”  The victory was to be God’s, but every man had to have faith to stand in his designated place for that victory to take place.  The order of the day was, ‘Places everyone!’  The plan led to victory.

As I share these thoughts with you, we at New Hope International Ministries are aware that we are made up of little more than a handful.  We are also aware of the immense task set before us by our Lord.  At times we feel overwhelmed and under-prepared, but then the Lord reminds us that the battle is really His.  If NHIM is to accomplish the calling the Lord gave us, let there be no mistake, it will have to be His doing.  Our part will be to stand in our places with faith in the Lord, who is able to accomplish all things.

Because we are small in number, we need each one of you to stand with us in your special place.  Some of you may need to stand by “going”.  We need people to join us on work and ministry teams.  There is a place for you on a team going into fields of service.  Others of you can stand by “kneeling”. How we need people to pray for us and with us as we follow Jesus into fields white unto harvest!  Still others can stand by “giving”.  NHIM is a faith-based ministry and has no other source of funding than those provided by friends and family.  Some are already giving sacrificially and we so deeply appreciate it.  If you are looking for a place to invest some of your resources, please consider NHIM.  We promise to work tirelessly to ensure that the money you give is used to the greatest good.   Some of you can stand by “telling the story”.  Perhaps you know someone who needs to get involved in helping carry out our Lord’s “Great Commission”.  Tell them about NHIM.  Help them get in contact with us.


~ Brother Roy

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