Northern Ireland Team Update

All in all the trip is going well.  The Kids Club/VBS has been very successful.  We have had some opportunities to go into some of the primary schools on Tuesday, Wednesday and tomorrow, Thursday.  We have gone into the schools making relationships with the students and teachers.  I think this has been an overall positive experience for the team.

One thing I would ask for prayer.  The VBS has been gong well, but tonight we had a few behavior problems that frazzled the team.  Nothing too out of the ordinary, but enough to say “what just happened?”  We had a team meeting to encourage them and pray for them.  We also took a free night, and the team went shopping.  Just pray that we are not discouraged but are trusting that Jesus can still work in our midst.

Overall, it has been a really awesome experience.  Fantastic time!

~ James Ballard, Team Leader

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