Samburu Well Update

Dear friends,

Thanks for your prayers and support. On Monday this week, I travelled by public means 160km on dirt and dusty road to go and meet with the driller who was coming from Nairobi. We agreed to meet half-way, since he wanted to visit the proposed eighth water well site.  Because of the condition of the dirt road it took us 12 hours to arrive at the proposed water site. We were welcomed by the community who are thirsty and very hopeful for the clean water from the well. The driller made an assurance that in two weeks time the drilling process will start. Please pray that the drilling process begins well.

Pray also for a reliable 4-wheel Land Cruiser for our Shalom water ministry. It is very difficult to depend on public transport which is not always available at the scheduled time. Please pray also for our next eye clinic operation which will be in August. We have received a lot of requests from many patients with eyes problems, mainly with trachoma cases. The Tenwek Eye Unit have agreed to come to Samburu for a four-day eye clinic. Please pray for their transportation, accommodation and allowances for nurses/patient assistants during the eye clinic services.


Michael Lolwerikoi

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