Intern Update from Southeast Asia

“E” is a NHIM intern serving in Southeast Asia.

I work with an organization that brings the love of Jesus to victims of human trafficking here in Southeast Asia, and specifically acts to protect and rescue young girls from sex trafficking. We serve a range of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. I ask for your prayers as we seek to introduce these girls to their Healer, and their Savior, Jesus. I also ask for your prayers as we assist these young women in acquiring the skills and resources to grow and support themselves financially, thus removing one of the primary factors of vulnerability to this evil.

My role in this ministry is in transition at the moment. Until now I have been working as manager for a café that we started in order to have a means of support for the ministry, as well as an opportunity for skills training for some of the young women. However, I am glad to report that the opportunity for this role has been passed to a local person, who is doing very well. This change has also freed me up to become more closely involved with the ministry and the young women we serve.

Although I will continue to assist in the area of vocational opportunities, my new role is primarily to lead outreach and discipleship. I am excited for this opportunity, and thank Him for the blessing of being able to be involved in this way. Outreach means seeking out girls in need of rescue, and following Jesus’ lead as He creatively and uniquely works to free each girl. Once again, I ask for your prayers, for me, for the local team I work with (three brave young women who love Him), and those oppressed who are waiting for Him to proclaim His liberty over them.



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