Repost: “If I Had Not Come”

As we draw closer to Christmas, here is a repost from the NHIM archives:

What if Jesus had not come?  That is a question so chilling that it’s hard to even let our minds go there.  There is a strange old legend noted by Dr. Hallock in the Encyclopedia of Special Days.  In the legend, the world grew colorless overnight.  The clouds became lifeless, spongy vapors. The ocean waves became pale and motionless.  The fire fled from the diamonds. Rubies and sapphires turned grey.  Rainbows faded from the skies, flowers became dull and drab, hues vanished from sunrises and sunsets.  The dewdrops vanished on sunny mornings.  The blue of heaven turned to lead and the cold breath of death blew across the insipid earth.

If He had not come…” crying would replace laughter, fear replace security, hatred replace love, disease replace health, starvation replace nourishment, and greed replace honesty.

If He had not come…” there would be no Virgin Mary, no baby Jesus in the manger, no wise men, no Calvary, no forgiveness from sin, no solution for guilt, no relief from fear, no heaven to anticipate, and no eternal life.

“If He had not come…” the fear of the grave would haunt us, hell would be waiting for us, the devil would torment and destroy us, the demonic would stalk us, peace of heart would escape us, and true love relationships would elude us.

But He did come, and because He came we can have forgiveness from sin, freedom from guilt, peace in our heart and life everlasting.  We can have a friend that sticks closer that a brother, fellowship with other believers, answers to our prayers, and  bright hope for tomorrow.

Has Jesus come into your life? If not, come to Him with this simple prayer, “ Lord Jesus, I know that You died for me, and I place my trust in You.  Forgive my sins and save me from the judgment to come.  Help me turn from my sins and live my life wholly for You, seeking to be obedient to You in everything.”  

~ Brother Roy 


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