Warning Signal

seatbeltI jumped into the my car for a quick trip to the grocery store.  I started out mildly disgruntled, because it was the second time in the last 30 minutes that I needed to purchase another small item I had forgotten.  About half a block down the street, the seatbelt light started flashing. If that was not irritating enough, the obnoxious ding, ding, ding, certainly was.  After the proper amount of disdain, I took a deep breath and let reason prevail. The seat belt warning had not been installed by the manufacturer to grate on my nerves. It was there for my safety.  It was to serve at just a time like this – a time when I was preoccupied and charging off without buckling-up – and it did its job.

Many of the ordinary events in our lives can speak to principles of eternal significance if we pay attention. Conscience is our God given warning system. When we get preoccupied with things around us and go charging ahead without due consideration of the consequences, our conscience will sound a warning. Rather than getting irritated at the restraint that tries to keep us from doing what could be harmful, we should take a moment and consider our actions in light of Biblical principles.

In Romans 2:15 (NCV), the Apostle Paul speaks of Gentiles who do not have the law of  God as the Jews do. When Gentiles do the right thing,“They show that in their hearts they know what is right and wrong, just as the law commands. And they show this by their consciences. Sometimes their thoughts tell them they did wrong, and sometimes their thoughts tell them they did right.”  How gracious of God to give us a conscience to alert us when we go astray!

But Paul sounds a warning in the following instructions to young Timothy: “ Cling tightly to your faith in Christ, and always keep your conscience clear. For some people have deliberately violated their consciences; as a result, their faith has been shipwrecked.”  (I Timothy 1:19 NLT)  If a person continues to ignore the warning of their conscience, it becomes “seared as with a hot iron.”  The teaching in Romans 1:28 is clear. If we choose to ignore God’s warning signals, the conscience dies. At that point, He will then give us over to a reprobate mind. 

Prayer for the day: Thank you Lord for our consciences. Help us to heed the warning signals. When we start out to face a new day, may we ‘buckle up.’ May we understand that warning signals from our consciences are for our benefit.

~ Brother Roy

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