A Picture Without a Number

jail numberOn December 28th, Miss Sue and I headed toward Bear Pen Church. We had two couples with us who wanted to see our ministry in Eastern Kentucky firsthand. One couple, Gary and Pat Johnson, are from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They have been encouraging and supportive of our efforts in the mountains. The other couple, Rueben and Jane Langat, are from Kenya, East Africa, and are here studying at Asbury Theological Seminary. They are interested in the culture and ministry in Eastern Kentucky.

Pastor David had invited several new believers to come to the church and share their testimonies with the two couples. Three of these men have only recently been saved and delivered from addictions to alcohol and drugs. Another, by the power of Christ, has been set free from homosexuality and drugs. The testimonies were amazing. Their words reaffirmed to all of us the power of the Gospel to change people from the inside out.

After a time of fellowship and a meal at the Hitching Post Country Store, the time for us to return home came too quickly. We were standing in front of the store when Gary asked to take a picture of the group. As the men assembled for the picture, one of them said to the others with a laugh, “Do you guys realize this may be the first time we have had our pictures made without holding up a number in front of us?”

The phrase caught my attention and I will always remember it for two reasons:

(1)  First, it was just plain funny!

(2)  Second, it conveys an eternal truth. There is hope for those who are prisoners to sin.

Psalms 146:7b“ The Lord gives freedom to the prisoners.”  Another scripture also comes to mind, “ If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.John 8:36 

These men have been set free. No more pictures holding up a number. As you read this article, may I ask you, “Have you been set free from sin? Do you know the freedom that only Jesus can give?”  If not, you may kneel where you are, confess your sins, and ask the Lord to save you. He can set you free. If you want help or need information about salvation, please contact us at New Hope International Ministries.

~ Brother Roy


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