Eastern Kentucky Ministry Update

On February 6-10, I had the privilege of speaking at the Global Impact Celebration sponsored by First United Methodist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Rev. David Spencer, NHIM partner in Eastern Kentucky Ministry, shared responsibilities in presenting our Eastern Kentucky ministry.  It was an outstanding opportunity to introduce the folks in Tuscaloosa to the Lord’s work in our area of Appalachia.  At 12:30 in the afternoon on the 10th, David and I left Tuscaloosa and traveled to Bayou La Batre, Alabama.  We were scheduled for a 6:00 presentation at the Evangelical Methodist Church. Just like we found in Tuscaloosa, we experienced encouragement and support there.

Pastor David loads the food pantry truck with furninture

Pastor David loads the food pantry truck with furninture

February 19th was a big day for our ministry.  David drove the Abiding Hope Food Pantry truck from Bear Pen to Wilmore, Kentucky.  The truck was partially filled with 20 twin beds, dressers, and wardrobes donated by Asbury University.  Go International Mission Group donated storm doors, cabinets, sinks, and many other items to add to our load.  On the way back to Bear Pen, we stopped at Sharpsburg, Kentucky to finish the load with carpet tiles.  The donated carpet had been stored in the basement of the Sharpsburg church plant.  Pray that we are able to build our much needed storage facility – soon!

Herschel (holding his commission as Minister of Intercessory Prayer), Seth, and Melissa

Herschel (holding his commission as Minister of Intercessory Prayer), and his neighbors, Seth and Melissa

Late on the evening of the 19th, David escorted us to a rather remote area of Wolf County called the ‘Calaboose’.  We arrive at Hershel Walker’s home a little before dark. We held a commissioning service for Hershel, who is a strong believer, but bedfast.  He has greatly desired to be a part of our ministry. That evening we commissioned Hershel as a Minister of Intercessory Prayer. How quickly the Lord responded to his prayers! On Sunday the 24th, two of Hershel’s neighbors who had attended the commissioning service came to the altar at Bear Pen Community Worship Center to commit their lives to Christian service.  They want to become home visitation team leaders. We have really needed the help. Praise the Lord!

Turkey Shoot target

Turkey Shoot target

Saturday morning was another great day in ministry. Miss Sue and I had an early morning departure from Wilmore for the nearly two-hour trip from our home to Bear Pen. Our trip had a two-fold purpose:

1. My purpose was to attend our ‘Bibles and Bullets’ (my name) Turkey Shoot behind the Bear Pen Youth Center. It’s a target shoot – we don’t really shoot turkeys. About forty folks gathered to enjoy the fellowship and competition. I made a lot of new friends and enjoyed witnessing David win one of the rounds.

2. Miss Sue met with David’s wife, Nora, to plan our first Women’s Retreat. The women in this area, many of whom are new believers, have little opportunity to fellowship and receive instruction in the Faith.

Sign outside the church at Shoemaker Ridge

Sign outside the church at Shoemaker Ridge

Another event worthy of mention also occurred this past weekend. Those of you familiar with our ministry know that Shoemaker Ridge Church is less than a year old.  We opened the church in an area notorious for meth labs, drug dealers, and bootleggers.  Unbelievably, thirty-two people have received the Lord on the Ridge. Friday and Saturday there was a major drug bust on the Ridge. Saturday evening David called me from Shoemaker. He was only partially kidding when he said, “I came over to see if we had enough folks left to have church”.  Not one of our people was taken in the bust. God is helping us hold on to those He’s given us.

~ Brother Roy


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