More Ground Breaking News

In the April 3rd post on the NHIM site, I shared about the ground breaking for the urgently-needed storage building at Bear Pen. At the time of the report, we had enough money to pay the dozer operator and a little extra. Within days after the decision to proceed in faith, a $5,000 gift came.  It was enough to buy the forming material, order the gravel for the base, and purchase the concrete.

The next mountain to climb was the cost of the steel building itself. The manufacturer needed a $5,000 deposit to order the structure. In the April 3rd. post, I noted, “The money for the steel building is still in the hands of those whom we trust the Lord will nudge to help us.”  The word ‘is’ may now be changed to ‘was’! I had the privilege of meeting with the pastors of the Kentucky Mountain Holiness Association to discuss the need for the facility. In spite of the fact that the economy in Eastern Kentucky is terrible and many of the churches are struggling financially, they wanted to be a part of the church-planting ministry. They provided much more than verbal support. In a miraculous show of faith, they voted to contribute $10,000 toward the building cost. You could hear me shouting and praising the Lord all the way from the mountains to my home in Wilmore.

The money from the Association plus other money that came in is enough to purchase the building. Just a little more to pay for labor, and the new facility will be raised to the glory of God – debt free. “Thank you” to all our friends. Some have prayed, some have given financially, some are planning to give, and others are volunteering labor.



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