Wheat and Weeds

wheatRead Matthew 13:24-30 and 37-43.  In these verses, Jesus teaches his followers with a powerful parable. Using a word picture familiar to his listeners, He teaches valuable life lessons:

The Two Sowers:

  1. The first is the Master himself. He sows the good seed of the gospel. The good seed, like wheat, sprung up and brought forth fruit, the children of the kingdom.
  2. The second sower is the enemy (the devil). He came under the cover of darkness and sowed tares, evil seed. The tares, children of the wicked one, also sprung up among the wheat. The tares were likely darnel, a type of rye grass. Early on the darnel closely resembled the wheat and was not easily distinguishable. It is obvious that in the mind of Jesus, the devil is real and is active. He sows tares that look like wheat, but in the end produce no acceptable fruit.

The Field:

  1. The field is the world, the whole world of men and women of all nations, people, and languages.
  2. It is a field of ‘probation’ where people are candidates for immorality.
  3. It is a field of ‘choice’ as each person chooses their eternal destiny.
  4. It is a field of ‘peril’ full of temptations and tares that threaten to choke out the good seed.
  5. It is also a field of ‘opportunity’ to bear fruit.

The Fruit:

  1. The field was soon seen to be productive. Both wheat and tares, good and evil, grew together. Cain and Able, the first children born to mankind, illustrate this principle.
  2. Often a cursory view would lead one to believe that the tares prosper.  They seem to do well often at the expense of the wheat.


  1. The servants of the Master came and said unto him, “Do you want us to go and gather up the tares?” They were looking for a quick fix, a surface solution.
  2. He said, “No, because when you pull them up, you might also pull up the wheat.”
  3. It is exceedingly difficult for us to discriminate between good men and bad men. We are at best frail in our judgments and prone to err. Perhaps thousands that God has accepted, men would have rejected. It is also probable that many unconverted men that have amiable and good characteristics would be pronounced righteous.
  4. God has His own purposes in allowing the unjust to live. His purposes are to show clemency, longsuffering, patience, and mercy. His purposes will give the ungodly chances to repent and be saved. But we must also know that His graciousness, if ignored, will render the unrighteousness excuse-less!

The Harvest:

  1. The Harvest is the end of the world, and the reapers are the angels of the Lord. The harvest is predicted, certain, and awful for the lost. (II Peter 3:7)
  2. It will spell doom for the wicked. They will be gathered from among the righteous and cast into the furnace of fire. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  3. The righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.

Jesus said, “HE WHO HAS EARS TO HEAR, LET HIM HEAR!” (Matthew 13:43)

~ Brother Roy


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