What’s Happening NOW in Eastern Kentucky?

View from Princess ArchAs many of you know, I am in a battle with cancer. Recent weeks have been filled with exams, scans, blood work and more. I recently was in Houston, Texas, at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Research and Treatment Center for evaluation. I am thankful they agreed to take me as a patient. I returned for a couple of weeks in Kentucky, I am on my way back to Houston for almost three months of treatment. Thanks to my fellow laborers in NHIM  (John Morley, Matt Kinnell, and David Spencer) the ministry is not just surviving, but is thriving. Time to keep you updated has been small, but don’t think that things have slowed down. If anything an already hectic pace has accelerated. At this point, I will simply give a brief overview of what is going on and then hope to provide a more detailed report later.

  1. Several more furniture trips have been made with our box truck from Eastern Kentucky to Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. Asbury has given us enough good dorm furniture to provide greatly needed furniture for Kentucky Mountain Bible College. In addition, Asbury has given us gas ranges, beds, and other furniture for needy families that we serve.
  2. The Abiding Hope Food Pantry is serving the needs of the local community. We are in the process of installing a heating/air conditioning unit. The funds are in hand to complete this project. The old box truck that transports some of our food from God’s Pantry in Lexington recently broke down in Lexington. David was able to limp home, but there it sits. It is fixable. If you would like to help with the cost of repair and/or future fuel needs, please send donations to NHIM designated for Abiding Hope Food Pantry.
  3. The Pavilion Project that our friends from First Methodist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, started in the spring is now complete. Thank you friends in Tuscaloosa for your help and funding. The pavilion is a valuable asset for our ministry.
  4. The much-needed Storage Facility at Bear Pen is within a couple of workdays from completion. It will provide a place to store furniture for needy families, donated church furniture for future church plants, donated building materials, a library of material for our local preachers in training, and an office for Lead Pastor David Spencer.  * A special note of thanks is due to the Kentucky Mountain Holiness Association for their generous gift and support.
  5. The local preachers training sessions have gone extremely well. Pastor David has been providing training every Sunday night for several months. Matt Kinnell, NHIM Board Chair, has recently started a monthly teaching series. These men and women have already provided help by covering prayer meetings and preaching when David or I are not available. I have heard four of these folks preach, and they all did very well. Before too long they will be able to assume greater responsibility and possibly become assistant pastors in our group of churches.
  6. Two new congregations have joined our church-planting ministry. First, the members of the former Evangelical Church in the Baxter community, near Harlan, Kentucky, have invited us to assume ministerial responsibilities for their church. The Evangelical Church denomination discontinued their connection with the local congregation, and they have been without a pastor for some time.  I had the privilege of preaching there August 25th before heading for Houston. David and his son, Eugene, have also been preaching there for the past several weeks.  The second church to join us is the Malaga Community Church in Wolf County.  David and I met with the deacons on Saturday, August 24. On Sunday the 25th, the congregation unanimously voted to join our ministry. They have been without a regular pastor for approximately two years.

Please continue to be in prayer for the many ministries in which NHIM is involved in Eastern Kentucky.  If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please consider starting or joining an Eastern Kentucky Prayer Band.  We covet your prayers and invite you to join us in this important mission.

~ Brother Roy


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