It Doesn’t Get Any Better (Roy Health Update)

Just a year ago, Miss Sue and I sat in the doctor’s office in Lexington, Kentucky.  My mind went numb as the doctor shared the results of the various tests I had taken. His report: “You have a very aggressive prostate cancer. The  Gleason score (rating for aggressiveness) is as high as it goes. We did 15 biopsies and 13 of them show cancer. It is not contained to the prostate. You are a high risk patient.”

On February 10, 2014, Miss Sue and I sat in Dr. Kuban’s office at M.D. Anderson Cancer Research and Treatment Center in Houston, Texas. Nearly four months of aggressive treatments and three months to allow my systems to settle was finally over. The results of the recent tests were in. Miss Sue and I waited to hear the report. Dr. Kuban began by saying, “I’m going to give you a brief summary of our evaluation.”  Then with her eyes sparkling and a smile she said, “It doesn’t get any better! The prostate is small and smooth. The tumors are gone. There is no evidence of cancer cells.”

I have great respect for Dr. Kuban and the M.D. Anderson team that treated me, but I give credit and praise to Jesus, my Savior and Healer. Allow me to share the words on the sign in front of Tenwek Missionary Hospital in the highlands of Kenya, Africa: “We Treat – Jesus Heals.”  I also acknowledge the hundreds, perhaps thousands, who pleaded my case before God’s Throne. Your prayers sustained me, encouraged me, and carried me to healing.


~ Brother Roy


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