High and Dry

high and dryMany of the houses on Dauphin Island and all along the coastline of South Alabama, are raised high above the ground on strong pilings. Major storms and high winds can push the water up over the shoreline and flood the land. These storm surges can overwhelm houses built too close to the ground. Wisdom dictates digging deep and setting solid pilings that will raise the house above historic surge levels for that area. Wise folks plan for their homes to be ‘high and dry’.

A life lesson may be learned here. Storms come into every life. The question is not if the storms will come, only when and how severe. All of us will face tempests. The wise prepare so they can withstand the blast of the storms. Jesus shared a parable in Luke 6:48-49 (NCV) about two men. One man heard and obeyed the words of Jesus. He built with the understanding that storms would come. The man “dug deep” and built on a sure foundation. “When the floods came, the water tried to wash the house away, but it could not shake it, because the house was well built”. The other man heard the words of Jesus but did not follow them. He “built his house on the ground…When the floods came, the house quickly fell and was completely destroyed.”

As we build spiritually for eternity, we need to send the pilings deep and strong in Jesus. 1 Corinthians 3:11 (NKJ) informs us that “No other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ”.  In Him, our foundation is steadfast and sure and will keep us from being overwhelmed. In Him, we can build above the storm surge.



~ Brother Roy


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