South Africa Team: Melanie’s Testimony

melanieWhat do you say after you return from a mission trip? Family and friends want to know how it was, what you saw, what kinds of things you did, and who you worked with. And I LOVE talking about it.

But how do you describe it? How do you talk about how uncomfortable it felt seeing the 8×8 tin shacks that house whole families when I purchased coasters and placemats as souvenirs to bring home to my apartment? How do you describe the heartbreak that comes with seeing beautiful, precious children in rags and mothers struggling to feed them? How do you tell about the prostitute you spent hours talking with on a city curb and how much you love her and wish you could fly across the world to sit on that curb with her again?

Forgive me if I stumble for words when we talk next and you ask me how it was. I will most certainly tell you that it was amazing… That I am blessed beyond measure that I got to experience South Africa and see how God is moving there. That I had no desire to come back. That I felt like I was fulfilling His call for me in real and tangible ways. But forgive me if I haven’t fully grasped how to verbalize such an experience yet.

The truth is that with every person who asks me about my trip, I want to respond, “Come with me next time and see for yourself. See how amazing it is to be in the center of His will, fulfilling His call to take the Gospel to all nations. Come experience this with me.” But I know that offer would be met with a series of varied reasons why each person couldn’t or shouldn’t do that. Work commitments, family, bills, LIFE all get it the way. I get that. But if you’re reading this and find yourself wanting something more than a Sunday morning routine of sitting in a pew, then I’ll extend this offer to you. Don’t just let me tell you about South Africa, or Malawi, or Appalachia, or Panama City, or Louisville, or any other mission field. Come with me and see it, feel it, DO IT yourself. Experience what it’s like to take time out of your life to devote yourself fully and wholeheartedly to the expansion of His kingdom. I promise you will not regret it, and you will be changed in ways you could never imagine.

A famous atheist (forgive me, I cannot for the life of me remember his name at the moment) once said that he loves when Christians share their faith. He pointed out that if you believe in something so fully and claim that it has SAVED YOUR LIFE, the most evil thing you could possibly do is sit back and not tell anyone about it. I completely agree. Love has a name and a face, y’all. Let’s take Him to the nations and love like He does.

~ Melanie Brison
South Africa Team Member

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