Jehova Nissi

jehovah nissiIn a devotional post sometime back, I referenced my utter dependence on my CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. Without it, I experience chronic breathing problems that lead to other complications. I need my faithful CPAP.

In mid-May, Miss Sue and I led an NHIM mission team to South Africa. Our daughter lives in Johannesburg and had developed an ambitious schedule to maximize the team’s ministry opportunities. We stuffed six packers full of food and materials for the mission project in addition to our individual luggage. I admit I am absent minded, but when things get hectic such as checking to be sure everyone has passports, health insurance forms, needed prescription, emergency phone numbers, content lists for the packers, etc, my absentmindedness is at its worst.

When we checked in at the airport, everyone was on time. Tickets, passports, and all essentials seemed to be in order. Actually, it was a better start than usual. After the 24-hour flight time, we were tired and ready for bed. I unpacked my CPAP and the necessary paraphernalia. To my horror, I had left the power pack and cords to my machine at home. I can survive fairly well for a couple of days by sleeping upright in a chair. The next day I contacted my son-in-law’s father who lives a few blocks from my house in Wilmore. He graciously retrieved the power pack with chords and headed for UPS. The shipping charges were incredibly high at $212. They promised two day delivery. Problem solved. Well, not so much!

The package did arrive in three days and that began a saga that a month later remains unresolved. Customs officials refused to release the package suspecting it was a ‘bomb’. The days stretched on. My son-in-law is a very persuasive businessman and he spent hours on the phone trying to gain the release of the package. With no machine, I began experiencing real problems. My daughter shared our problem with a prayer chain of people in her Bible study group. Within minutes, she received a response. A group member had a CPAP machine sitting unused in his home just a short distance away. One of his friends, who couldn’t use the machine, had left it there. We retrieved the machine, which is remarkably similar to mine. What a blessing! I could breathe properly.

That night I called the Lord ‘Jehovah Nissi’. Why? Years ago while I was studying the various names of God used in scripture, I learned one of those names was Jehovah Nissi. The reference is found in Exodus 17:15. The general meaning is “The Lord is our Banner”. He is the Banner that goes before us. He had truly gone before me to Johannesburg. The CPAP was there waiting for an absentminded preacher who really needed it. He is my Jehovah Nissi.

Are you facing a struggle, a real battle? If Jehovah Nissi is leading the way in your struggle, then you will prevail, but if you are fighting your battle in your own strength your defeat is imminent. Where in your life do you need God to show Himself strong as Jehovah Nissi – The Lord your Banner? He will go before you if your heart is inclined toward Him, but you must ask.

At Times We Need To Recognize Him As ‘Jehovah Nissi’

~ Brother Roy

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