Sweeter as the Years Go By

sweeterOn a retired woman’s shirt was written a delightful phrase: ‘I Am Not 65 Years Old, I Am Sweet 16 With 49 Years Experience’. So I thought, “I’m not 73 years old, I’m a 16 year old preacher boy with 57 years of experience.” This summer (2015) was one of the busiest in my ministry. A month on the mission field, three camp meetings, and a revival filled my schedule.  What a joy and blessing to be able to share the gospel and to bear fruit even in old age. While some bemoan the passing years, my heart sings.

Lelia Morris’ hymn, written in 1912, expresses my feeling better than I ever could:

Of Jesus’ love that sought me, when I was lost in sin
Of wondrous grace that brought me back to His fold again;
Of heights and depths of mercy, far deeper than the sea,
And higher than the heavens, my theme shall ever be.

He trod in old Judea life’s pathway long ago;
The people thronged about Him, His saving grace to know;
He healed the brokenhearted, and caused the blind to see;
And still His great heart yearneth in love for even me.

’Twas wondrous love which led Him for us to suffer loss,
To bear without a murmur the anguish of the cross;
With saints redeemed in glory, let us our voices raise,
Till Heav’n and earth re-echo with our Redeemer’s praise.

Sweeter as the years go by,

Sweeter as the years go by,
Richer, fuller, deeper, Jesus’ love is sweeter,
Sweeter as the years go by.

Does your heart sing those inspiring words? Those who have a close relationship with the Savior will give a resounding, “Yes!” If you do not have a close relationship, the opportunity is still available. Starting now, you can begin to build a relationship like Lelia Morris wrote about. Open your heart to His redeeming grace and He will put a song in your heart. Today and for the rest of your days on earth you can sing …

Sweeter As The Years Go By

~ Brother Roy


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