Men’s Retreat at Cliffview

Twenty-one men gathered in a cabin in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky on December 4th-5th, 2015.  Although the world took no note and society at large was not aware, the Holy Spirit was surely in attendance at the gathering.  The men were coming together for a retreat to focus on a ‘Deeper Life in Christ’. The men were from several of the churches involved in our Eastern Kentucky Church Planting Ministry.

Everyone in attendance could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit teaching, loving, and speaking to the hearts of those gathered there. Hymns, prayers, preaching, and teaching sessions were the avenues the Lord used to help the men better understand His will. Great food and times of informal fellowship added greatly to the impact the retreat had on all who attended.

When the retreat ended, attendees had been encouraged in the faith. A renewed commitment to witnessing and church planting had settled on most everyone. For some, the person of the Holy Spirit moved from mental assent to a heart felt reality. Individually, participants grew in knowledge of the spirit filled life and the overall ministry has a fresh promise of help and support.

~ Brother Roy

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