Black Ice

Black Ice1 Corinthians 10:12 – “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall”. 

The winters in Kentucky can be very unpredictable. Because of this fact, I turned on the weather channel on a for quick report before heading out the door. It was cold, but there was no overnight snow, for which I was thankful. I walked to the car and lifted up the door handle. I guess the slight shift in weight was all it took! My feet shot out from under me and in the blink of an eye I was on the ground. Black Ice.

Black ice can form when a light rain falls on pavement that’s colder than 32 degrees, or when roads are wet and the temperature plummets toward freezing. Black ice refers to a thin coating of glazed ice on a surface. While not truly black, it is virtually transparent allowing black asphalt roadways or the surface below to be seen through it—hence the term “black ice”.

From this situation, I want to draw a life lesson. While I heard the broadcast warning of black ice, I didn’t really listen. Looking at the pavement beside my car, I didn’t really see the ice. Jesus spoke to this issue in Matthew 13:14. Quoting Isaiah, He said, “Hearing you will hear and shall not understand. And seeing you will see and not perceive.” That was me! I just didn’t pay careful attention to what I heard and saw.

I have had experiences in my spiritual life which parallel the black ice situation. By the Lord’s mercy, I have been alerted to potentially dangerous conditions. Sometimes the words of caution come from a small voice inside, other times from a sermon or advice from a Christian friend. Most often, the counsel comes from scripture. That makes morning devotions especially helpful before rushing out to face the day. However, if the gracious cautions of the Lord are not utilized, we suffer the consequences.

The question is not so much, is the Lord speaking, but are we truly listening. You’ve heard it said, “There are none so blind as those that will not see”. Contrary to common belief, this is not a quote from the Bible. It’s a proverbial English saying, that echoes the truth of scripture. The words are worth remembering. The Lord’s cautions are of no avail if we will not see. However, for believers who walk in His light, Jesus said, “But blessed are your eyes for they shall see, and your ears for they hear” (Matt. 13:16 NKJ). 

Watch out for Black Ice!

~ Brother Roy

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