Read the Book

bible“Today this scripture is fulfilled as you listen.” (Luke 4:21)

Sometimes we forget that the scripture is not merely old black words on white pages. It is the living and breathing Word of God that contains all that we need to live life – not just any ordinary life, a Christ-filled life – a zeal-filled life set apart by the One who created us. It is our guide book, game plan, and power source for our journey with Him. Scripture is informational and formational.

Want to know how to follow Him more deeply? Read the book. (The Be-attitudes are a good start).

Want to know what it looks like to unconditionally serve others? Read the book. (Jesus was a better man than me, imagine that!)

Want to know God’s will for your life? Read the book. (Could this grand question be resolved in one simple verse? Matthew 6:33.)

Need inspiration to make it through the day? Read the book. Check out God’s unrelenting love story for His people.

Think you’re the only one hurting or going through tough times? Read the book. Job would beg to differ.

Ask the Father to open your eyes, try to intentionally turn off your filters as much as possible, read the Word, and let it be fulfilled in you today as you listen to Jesus’ voice for you.

~ John Morley
NHIM Vice President


One thought on “Read the Book

  1. Roy Lauter April 17, 2016 / 6:21 am

    Read the Book was a great thought. It is so basic, yet so essential.
    Thanks John

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