Too Much Stuff

too-much-stuffFrom mid-October on, junk mail and television unleash a constant barrage of advertisements. Marketers want to convince people they ‘need’ the merchandise being promoted. Children and youth are targeted for toys, electronics, expensive shoes, and clothing. On it goes across age groups as retailers hawk appliances, perfume, jewelry, and other items too numerous to mention. Credit card debt piles up and bank accounts dwindle. It’s the season for overindulgence.

We recently had a family meeting to discuss the problem. We agreed that we already have too much stuff. Like Esau of old, each of us concluded, “I have enough, my brother” (Genesis 33:9). We decided this Christmas would be different.  There would be no unrestrained gift buying. Basically, we agreed to purchase only one gift for each person on our list. We also agreed to limit the cost of gifts. As a family, we then decided to provide Christmas for a family trapped in poverty.

Relieved from the pressure of racing from store to store, spending too much money, buying stuff unneeded and unwanted, Christmas could take on renewed meaning. We could focus on faith in Christ, family, and friends. Church and the beautiful music of the season would resume its rightful place. How good it is to be able to truly enjoy this ‘holy day’!

Is Christmas at your house being crowded out by too much stuff? Perhaps your family needs to have a ‘come to Jesus meeting’. Let each one decide, “I have enough stuff”! As a family, resolve that faith, family, and friends will be the stars of the season. Make worship a central activity. Give the gift of yourself to the Lord this special time of year.

~ Brother Roy


One thought on “Too Much Stuff

  1. Richard Kriesch December 12, 2016 / 3:39 pm

    Brother Roy, Diana and I do about the same as you have written. In fact this year all our sons received a card stating in their name various peoples around the world would benefit from their gift. It was a joyous time as we watched them open the envelope and see the gift of giving to others.

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