The Lift

boatliftMany of the waterfront houses on Dauphin Island, Alabama, as well as numerous other places along U.S. shorelines have their own boat docks. Fishing and recreational boats are then available for use just a few yards away. A person cannot help but notice that the boats are on boatlifts that raise them well above the water level.

The boats are not left for extended periods of time at rest in the water. Shallow waters are a prime location for small marine creatures called ‘barnacles’.  These creatures will attach themselves to the hulls of boats below the water line. They can soon cover the bottom of a boat. The buildup of these ‘bio-foulers’ leads to greatly increased drag when the boat moves through the water. They dramatically reduce the efficiency of the boat in both speed and fuel. The barnacles cement themselves to the hull of vessels with one of the strongest adhesives occurring in nature. It is a very labor intense and costly process to have them removed. Failure to deal with the problem can be disastrous.



In the spiritual realm, we need to be lifted out of sin-polluted waters that surround us. What God created in the beginning was good, but the devastation of disobedience and the ‘fall’ left our world fraught with danger. The seas of our lives contain many soul-foulers. Jesus is the one who can lift us above the destructive forces that surround us.

How beautiful are the words of the old hymn “Love Lifted Me” by James Rowe: “He can lift you by His love out of the angry waves.”  Charles Gabriel echoes this same theme in his hymn, “He Lifted Me”:

Now on a higher plane I dwell,
and with my soul I know ’tis well;
yet how or why, I cannot tell,
He should have lifted me.

Are the cares of this world dragging you down? Do you need a lift? Turn to Jesus with a sincere heart. Repent and believe and He will lift you up.

Prayer: Lord, this day lift me out of the angry waves of this troubled world. Please lift me above the things that would foul my soul.

~ Brother Roy



There have been numerous poems and devotionals written about footprints in the sand. The saying “familiarity breeds contempt” comes close to describing my reaction to another footprint narrative. Yet, a recent walk on the beach changed that for me. Although I have walked barefoot on the beach more times than I could count, this time it was somehow different.

I looked back at the footprints I had made in the soft, wet sand. Before I could take a moment for reflection, a wave came in and dissolved the sand around where I had stepped. The footprints were gone. Perhaps it’s my advanced age, but a sense of melancholy crept in. I have walked many years across the ‘sands of time’, serving as preacher, missionary, public school teacher, and university professor. I have encountered many impressionable lives on my journey.

There on the beach, I started to wonder, “Have the footprints that my life has made also been erased soon after I’ve passed by”? What a disturbing thought! Have I left any permanent imprints on the myriad of lives that I’ve encountered?

Upon reflection, I began to take courage as I recalled the numerous people who made lasting impressions on my life. Their influences for God and good have helped shape the person I am today. The remembrance of the kindness and consideration that have been extended to me brought a wave of thankfulness and joy.

That day on the shore, I deepened my resolve. I want to be for someone else, the caring person that others have been for me. Physical footprints in earth’s sand may soon wash away, but spiritual footprints in the lives of others are eternal. I want to leave footprints such as  “tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering; bearing with one another, and forgiving one another…but above all things put on love, which is the bond of perfection.” (Colossians 3:12-15, NKJV).

I wholeheartedly agree with the statement of C.T. Studd, the great missionary hero: “Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”


~ Brother Roy