Sam and the Saw

6047e67cbbf34bd9ad6c2155d18ff899-sam-powdrill266My friend Sam Powdrill is an amazing man. I first met Sam at Tenwek Hospital in the highlands of Kenya. Sam was utilizing his many skills in ministry at this renowned World Gospel Mission hospital. Time will permit me to mention only a few of Sam’s contributions there. He was a skilled eye surgeon and established Tenwek’s Eye Clinic. In a place that exacted a toll on essential motor vehicles, he was the compound’s auto mechanic. Who would have believed there would be a skilled ‘piano tuner’ in such a remote a place – it was Sam. He assisted in developing a process so the hospital could produce its own I.V. fluid rather than bringing it from long distances away. He helped design and fabricate a vehicle to serve as a mobile eye clinic to reach into remote areas. He developed his own microscope that is critical to his surgical procedures. Believe me, I could go on!

Because of space constraints, I want to focus on one of the most unusual skills I’ve ever witnessed. Sam plays a ‘saw’. With an old hand saw and a violin bow, Sam can make beautiful music. He holds the saw handle between his knees with the blade in a vertical position. He grips the top of the blade and uses the right amount of pressure to slightly bend the blade. Drawing the violin bow across the blade, Sam is able to produce the lovely melodies of beloved hymns. With the message of these great spiritual songs, Sam shares his testimony of God’s amazing grace. It is truly a ‘soul stirring’ concert, resonating God’s glory.

Sam’s primary desire is to use his God-given abilities to restore sight. Cataracts, trachoma, and other vision maladies have yielded to Sam’s brilliant surgical skills. Using his self-designed microscope and precision surgical instruments, Sam has restored sight to thousands of people in Kenya and other mission fields around the world. Also, and perhaps even more importantly, Sam has used ‘the Carpenter’s saw’ to help restore sight to multitudes of the spiritually blind.

Sam has placed his God-given abilities, great and small, into the Lord’s hands. He serves as an inspiration to us all. Do you have a hidden talent you should place at the Lord’s disposal? I thank God for Sam’s desire to use all of his skills to restore sight to blind eyes.

P.S. – Sam now resides in Wilmore, Kentucky. He teaches at the University of Kentucky and regularly leads teams of Doctors and Medical Students to third world communities to do Eye Clinics. He is still about the Father’s business of restoring sight to the blind.

~ Brother Roy

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