Silent Night

Advertisers have filled the media and the airwaves with urgent messages designed to get people to spend, spend, spend this holiday season. Noise – everywhere there is noise, touting the fact that the Covid Pandemic restricted family gatherings, gift giving, and celebrations last year. Now, the noise is telling us we should throw off all restraint this year and ‘party large’.

We are assured that we ‘deserve’ to indulge our self-centered desires. After all, we had a rough year. The way to make up for lost holiday festivities is to go ‘crazy’ this year. Spend! Give! Splurge! The noise is everywhere encouraging people to shower themselves and loved ones with extravagant gifts. Give expensive presents and all will be well. Some might note that a person may need a little alcohol or valium to help numb the advent of overwhelming credit card bills and drained bank accounts. But, enjoy and have another drink.

By Christmas Eve, let us pray that the noise fades and reason prevails. Across the land, may moms and dads settle down and perhaps quietly sing or hum the favorite hymn of parents with young children – Silent Night. How we need a time when ‘all is calm and all is bright’.  A little peace and quiet is a wonderful thing. Oh, how our old world needs to be able to ‘sleep in heavenly peace’.

Human initiative has tried, to no avail, to bring peace on earth. Man’s ingenuity has floundered in its attempt. As the true Prince of Peace is crowded out of government operations, public schools, and our daily lives, we wonder why we are experiencing such turmoil and dissonance.

Tinsel and glitter clamor for attention. Looming debts raise their strident voices. Piles of discarded wrapping paper crinkle beneath our feet. A cacophony of noise threatens to drown out the true sounds of Christmas. We need to hear the message that the Christ Child quietly slipped to the world in Bethlehem. He came bringing the song of “peace on earth, good will to men”. The timely adage, ‘Know Christ, know peace; no Christ, no peace,’ is true. Jesus said, Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” (John 14:27, NIV). Let us receive the true peace He came to offer.

Prayer: May the tranquility of that Silent Night hush the noise in troubled hearts. “He has sent his word to the descendants of Israel and brought them the good news of peace through Jesus the Messiah. This man is the Lord of everyone” (Acts 10:36 ISV).

~ Brother Roy

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