Taste and See (A New Perspective)

It is interesting how a familiar verse of scripture can take on new significance as circumstances change. On July 25, 2016, I posted a devotional on the NHIM website titled, ‘Taste and See’. The devotional had its origins in pleasant childhood memories of my mother’s cooking. This time a painful event shed new light on the same scripture.  

A recent bout with Covid brought a different consideration of Psalm 34:8 – “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.” One of the effects of the Covid virus is the loss of taste and smell. Although the loss of taste may not be life-threating, it certainly is a serious and disheartening problem. My love of home cooking and comfort foods are high on my list of life’s pleasures. The inability to enjoy the taste of favorite foods is a depressing prospect.

Application of the concept of ‘loss of taste’ to my spiritual life led to some interesting observations. Sin, like Covid, can have many far-reaching effects on a person. The end result may even be death, as it was for millions of Covid victims. But, other consequences that may not be fatal can create problems for people with compromised health issues. A combination of these issues can also contribute to a person’s demise. Comparisons of the impact of Covid (physical) and sin (spiritual) merit consideration:

  • Physical: When your sense of taste declines, meals lose their appeal. Eating too little can put you at risk for malnutrition, dehydration, unhealthy weight loss and possible death.
    Spiritual: Sin dulls the hunger for God’s Word. The soul suffers malnutrition, vulnerability to temptation, and mortality.
  • Physical: To give bland food flavor, you may add too much sugar or salt. These additions can increase your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure , and other critical conditions.
    Spiritual: Alcohol, drugs, or illicit sex (including pornography) are often added to spice up a dull life without the Lord.
  • Physical: Lack of smell and taste puts you at risk for food poisoning, because you can’t tell when foods have spoiled or are contaminated.
    Spiritual: Sin so muffles our spiritual sensitivity that we do not recognize the concealed poison of forbidden things.
  • Physical: The inability to smell fire, smoke, gas, or harmful chemicals in your home or surroundings puts you at grave risk. 
    Spiritual: Sin deadens our ability to detect toxic substances that may be fatal.

God’s call is for us to be re-awakened to His love and goodness on a daily basis. We have a loving heavenly Father who is wanting to overshadow us daily with His guidance and blessings. Come into a new awareness of God’s love, goodness, and faithfulness. Allow your spiritual taste to be restored today by “prayer and supplication with thanksgiving” (Philippians 4:6, NKJV).

His invitation to us: “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good”.

~ Brother Roy

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