Board of Directors


  • Roy Lauter, President (Wilmore, KY)
  • John Morley, Vice President (Wilmore, KY)
  • Tyler Menardie Nelson, Treasurer (Lexington, KY)


  • Matt Kinnell, Chair (Wilmore, KY)
  • Lynn Gagle Roper, Secretary (Cedarville, OH)
  • Terri Griffin (LaGrange, KY)
  • Cathy Hall (Nicholasville, KY)
  • George Hall (Nicholasville, KY)
  • Sue Lauter (Wilmore, KY)
  • Dean Lee (Nabb, IN)
  • Linda Lee (Nabb, IN)
  • Judy Jackson (Nabb, IN)
  • Lori Wright (Wilmore, KY)

Advisory Committee:

  • Jeannie Banter (Wilmore, KY)
  • Eric Bentley (Georgetown, KY)
  • David Spencer (Campton, KY)

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