Core Values

NHIM is a non-profit, secondary, support organization existing to mobilize, channel, empower, and develop God’s resources for his work while incorporating a world vision and commitment to Scriptural Holiness.

1. Secondary: New Hope’s mission and purpose lie in supporting existing mission organizations. Thus, our effort is not spent in sending long-term missionaries to the field, but in enlisting short-term personnel with the hope of preparing them for a lifetime of service wherever they are.

2. Support: In coming alonside existing groups, we also seek to bolster their ongoing ministries. Whether through funds, personnel, or projects, we aim to support what is already in place by serving our fellow missionaries and national workers in ministry.

3. Mobilizing: We stand on the principle that every Christian must be involved in missions. NHIM’s desire is to provide opportunities for individuals to minister cross-culturally. We send college students who are contemplating the Lord’s will for their lives, adult professionals who wonder how they fit into missions, and teams of persons from small churches who desire to go but do not have the opportunities of larger churches.

4. Resourcing: As a channel of the Lord’s people and work, it is our commitment to properly steward what we have been given. Thus trip costs will be kept as low as possible for the time and destination. Also, 100% of all monies received by NHIM will go to that ministry to which they are designated. We trust that the Author of our ministry will supply our administrative and professional needs.

5. Empowering: It is our goal not only to send individuals but also to empower them. Thus our teams are designed so that each member has the opportunity to serve in leadership in some area of the ministry. Further, it is our hope that team members will have a better grasp of their personal gifts, interests, and calling after serving with NHIM.

6. Developing: Every NHIM team has one adult leader and at least one student leader. These student leaders make up NHIM’s Student Leadership Team (SaLT), which is our intentional effort to foster leadership skills and spiritual growth in our leaders. Situated on Asbury University‘s campus, we realize the awesome privilege and responsibility that is ours in terms of raising up future leaders and missionaries in our world.

7. Visioning: NHIM is committed to constant visioning for our future. New fields are constantly emerging and greater opportunities are opening. We are committed to growing as the Spirit would have us grow and minister where the Spirit would have us minister.

8. Holiness: NHIM stands upon the doctrine of Wesleyan Holiness as one of its core doctrines. Thus we intentionally partner with Asbury UniversityWorld Gospel Mission, and other organizations who share this conviction. Our ministry teams endeavor to minister where intentional follow-up, discipleship, and mentoring can take place so as to produce Christ-centered followers who love Christ supremely and love their neighbors compassionately.

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