New Hope International Ministries began in 1983 as an outreach arm of New Hope Community Church in New Washington, Indiana.  Roy Lauter, then pastor of the church and a professor of education at Asbury College, launched NHIM in order to provide opportunities for his church and for college students to serve and gain a world focus.

New Hope began organizing and leading many mission teams to Jamaica in conjunction with Christian Service International of Muncie, Indiana.  Roy and Sue Lauter began hosting a student prayer fellowship in their home to share concerns and pray for the needs of the world.

In 1990 NHIM began sending teams to Kenya in conjunction with World Gospel Mission, headquartered in Marion, Indiana.  In 1997 NHIM teams expanded to include Guatemala and Northern Ireland.  In 1998 NHIM began sponsoring student interns both at home and abroad in order to provide customized ministry experiences to individuals who are missions-minded.

Under the recommendation of its Board of Directors, in 2001 NHIM began the process of independent incorporation and obtaining 501(c)(3) status.  In 2002 the ministry was approved as a fully incorporated, independent, tax-exempt organization.

Over the years, NHIM has sent over 100 short-term mission teams with more than 1,200 team members into the mission field.  At least 50 NHIM team members have gone on to full-time Christian service.

NHIM has been instrumental in the building and/or funding of several overseas projects.  It currently partners with several mission agencies and many local churches in order to mobilize people and resources for the work of the Gospel.

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