Samburu Wells

Samburu CamelAsbury Theological Seminary graduate and Kenyan national Michael Lolwerikoi comes from the dry northern region of Kenya known as Samburu. While in seminary in Wilmore in  2006, Michael returned to Kenya for a short visit to find his people suffering through a prolonged and terrible drought. All the rivers and springs had dried up and much of the people’s livestock died. The 5,000+ people of the Simiti Village had to walk 6-8 miles to reach the only viable spring in the area. The spring, managed by a village committee, was used by animals 4 days a week and by the villagers on the other 3. This lone source of water, shared by livestock, was a horrible source of disease and parasites. In short, there was not enough water for everyone and what water they had was unsanitary, often laced with typhoid.

Michael Lolwerikoi

Michael came to New Hope to ask that we help him achieve the only permanent solution to this problem – to drill a well deep enough that it will provide ample clean water for this village. Most of the $20,000 needed for the project was raised by Michael, and Roy was able to raise the rest through generous offerings at Wilmore Camp Meeting in Kentucky and Shiloh Camp Meeting in Georgia.

Digging for Water
Michael with Samburu women digging for water in a dry river bed seven miles from their village

In June, the drilling rig and three big trucks left the capital city of Nairobi and drove to the remote northern village. Drilling started on June 20th and finished the following day-a miracle in itself. A company came in to test the well and found that the volume of water was more than enough for the people of the village and their animals. They are now drinking safe, clean water from the well.

Samburu Women

Michael is now back living full-time in Kenya and administering the Samburu Well project.  To date, NHIM has assisted in the digging of six wells (and counting!) in the Samburu region.  One generous donor provided the funds to dig an entire well in honor of his mother.  In addition to providing for the physical needs, we are praying that the well will open doors to share the Water of Life with the people of this region. Please pray with us that this water may bring life – physical and spiritual – to a suffering community.

Roy and Michael in Samburu
Brother Roy and Michael (far right) visit with the Samburu

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