The Family Home Nepal – Andreas & Laurie Kjernald

Long-time friends of New Hope Andreas and Laurie Kjernald took a trip to Nepal in February 2013 to see if it was possible to establish an orphanage. The vision was to help lead children abandoned by war or poverty to a future and a hope.

Through a friend in Nepal with expertise in this area, the Family Children Home-Nepal was set up as an NGO in Belauri, West Nepal. The Family Home, now located in the city of Dhangadi, is building strong, healthy families in Nepal by providing abandoned and orphaned children with a home of their own. The Family Home rents or builds a property where 8-10 children come and live together with houseparents in a family environment.

New Hope International Ministries is pleased to partner with The Family Home to serve the people of Nepal. For more information on this ministry, please visit their website.

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